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First stretch: from Brindisi to Zacinto.

BRINDISI is the place from which we start. It’s a perfect base for the whole Adriatic sea. The Marina of Brindisi is a beautiful port with an excellent restaurant and panorama of theof the Castello Alfonsino aragonese. The petrochemical is not visible and the wind always pulls from the north and there is no pollution. The beaches are closed and you can also make a fascinating 10km sunset-roundtrip walk on the large north pie of the port. Brindisi has a beautiful internal lake that is articulated and historic port. La Colonna Traianea testifies in some ways the end of the Francigene streets.

Brindisi Airport is 5 km from the port.

First stage: Otranto

Second stage: Erikoussa

3th stage:  Corfù

Corfù Airport is 5 km from the port.

4th stage: Lefkada

Preveza Airport is 15 km from the port.

5th stage: Ithaca

6th stage: Kefalonia

Kefaonia Airport

7th stage: Zakynthos

Zakynthos Airport

Second stretch: from Zakynthos to Crete.

8th stage: Pylos

9th stage: Kythira

10th stage: Chania

11th stage: Heraklion

Heraklion Airport 


12th stage:  Sitia

Third stretch: from Crete to Rhodes.

13th stage:  Karpathos

Karpathos Airport

14th: Rhodes

Rhodes Airport

Fourth stretch: from Rhodes to Haifa and Tel Aviv.

15th stage:  Kastellorizo

Kastellorizo Airport

16th stage: Cyprus – Limassol

Larnaca Airport 

17th stage: Haifa

18th stage: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Airport.

19th stage: Jerusalem